Services and Fees

It is quite plain and simple! You will raise more money and have a much better event if you use a REAL auctioneer!!

Clients usually say that they pay for my small fee with the extra money from just a single auction item that brings in much more than ever before! Having an experienced auctioneer means that you will raise MORE money, have MORE fun, and create MORE great memories for your guests! It means that the auction will stay focused on the worthy purpose and goal of your event, you will get top dollar for those items that you and your team worked SO hard to find, and you will avoid putting uncomfortable pressure on your attendees. You will also get the benefit of my training, certification, 20 years of fundraising experience, 10 years of calling benefit auctions, and all the “tricks of the trade” to steadily increase the amount of money you raise, while increasing the fun and festivity of the event!

Principal Auctioneer fees will always be the best in the business, for the array of services that we offer.  In addition, all our first-time clients receive a significant discount on whichever package or services they choose!  We do this because we know that your goal is to make sure that every possibly penny will be going straight to your cause, and that you should want to see just how much more money you will raise, with the experienced Principal Auctioneer at your side!

Choose a “package” below, and email or call 415-275-1262 today!!


The Basic Package

Pre-auction consultation! This is a VITAL part of the success of your event, and includes my extensive experience with event goals and targets, best-selling auction items, donors, sponsors, matching grants, order/arrangement of live auction items, sound system, slide-shows, speeches, music, event time-line, consignment items, physical lay-out, and over-all presentation. This includes at least one in-person meeting, plus unlimited phone and email consultation!

A 15-20 minute training for your Flaggers (traditionally called “Ringmen”) and auction volunteers!

Experienced Auctioneer for your Live Auction!: Humorous/fun, festive, enthusiastic (I only accept events that I can believe in!) and well-paced! I will connect with your audience, hold their attention, and help you raise the maximum possible funds that are available for your items at the event, all while helping your guests have a great time!

Overall event MC services! (all or part) may also be included, such as announcing Silent Auction closings, etc., on a case-by-case basis

Email or call 415-246-9838 for a quote for your event! Please be prepared to share the purpose of your event, how many years the event has been running, the estimated number of guests, and the expected/desired amount to be raised!


A La Carte Extras!

In addition to the Basic Package, above, The Principal Auctioneer can support your event with an array of superb services, at an excellent price.  For a quote on any of  the services below, just call or send an email!   Note that the below options can also be provided as individual stand-alone services, or as a “mix and match”, by mutual agreement!

  • ADDITIONAL IN-PERSON AUCTION SUPPORT! An additional in-person auction/event planning meeting, plus the unlimited phone/email support.
    You provide the logos, text/information, and we create and print your professional quality, event booklet/program, with bidder numbers printed on the back of the booklet (optional, but this is wise even if you are doing bidder paddles). Printing costs are additional, and will vary depending upon the range of colors and finish/paper quality you desire for your event!
    Do not underestimate the importance of this crucial component! A well formatted Live Auction Powerpoint slide-show is vital for your guests. You provide the lot numbers and information, and we will create a professional slide-show!
    We can provide a media projector and one free-standing screen, if needed.
    Event videography– Pre-auction entertainment, silent auction bidding (including the very fun-filled last-minute bidding wars, speeches during the event, guest testimonials— you name it! Within a few weeks of your event, we can publish on your website and/or in a post-event email thank you letter the video from the event for your guests to enjoy! The video can also play a vital role in event promotions in building excitement and ticket sales prior to your next event! You can also use the video as a “pitching” tool to present to your next event’s supporters and guests!
  • 1. FILMING (may include the one or more of the following)
    a. Pre-auction mingling
    b. Silent auction (including the fun-filled last minute item battles)
    c. Entertainment and/or speeches
    d. Guest testimonials or other ideas?
    e. Thank you and/or recap of the evening video clip from board president or those the auction benefits to its supporters.
    2. EDITING
    a. Arranging vignette’s
    b. Creating clips
    c. Adding music
    d. Cleaning up audio
    a. Exporting video
    b. Burn 1 dvd
    c. Uploading High Def and mobile versions to YouTube (we can make public or make available only to those with the link)

    Full event photography! Within one week of your event, you will have access to a beautiful gallery of photographs of your night (or day!)!! You might not realize how important this can be for your guests, for memories, and to build excitement for your next event! When you are “pitching” your event the following year, you will have an online gallery of photographs for supporters and guests to peruse!
    ( To see complete gallery please click image above )
    Client would own all video and photos (usually with the agreement that Principal Auctioneer has rights to use photos for our portfolio, website–promotional purposes).
    a. Candid and fun group photos from pre-auction mingling, silent auction, entertainment (in-between video filming if possible). Photos could be taken during the auction but we cannot do both filming and photos simultaneously during Live Auction.
    a. Upload to Shutterfly-type of website where people can view slideshow of the event, download high resolution photos free of charge, and order prints (at print house’s minimal charges if they so chose).
    b. Create photo slideshow for your website.
    c. All high-res photos saved to CD
    1. We have an excellent quality sound system with 2 cordless mics and one head-set mic, that will work for small to medium sized rooms /crowds (up to about 400 people, depending on the room).


If we agree to support your event, we want the best possible array of services to support your goals, for the best possible price! If you think we can help you please email us at or call 415-246-9838 for a quote for your event! Please be prepared to share the purpose of your event, how many years the event has been running, the estimated number of guests, and the expected/desired amount to be raised!