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Chad has a style and intensity that is one in a million!

“When the night of our gala fundraiser came, I was so nervous! So much was riding on our auction if Home Away was to stay strong. Our goal was to raise at least $30,000 (what we had raised the year before), but instead when Chad got up on stage, it was like magic- people opened […]

People love him and so do we!

Chad Carvey has been hosting our Annual Academy Awards Party for the past six years at the Lark Theater. In the past has also helped with our outdoor fundraising Barbeque event, and emceed our Guys Night Out Parties. His kindness, enthusiasm and positive energy as well as his expertise as an auctioneer have helped us […]

A skillful, intuitive and
very alive auctioneer!

Chad is FUN! Everyone at our event so enjoyed him that, when he asked, they gave him all their money! He adds such sparkle and interest! A skillful and intuitive very alive auctioneer, he produced far more funds for our non-profit than any silent auction could have achieved. I personally had a splendid time working with Chad and his lovely […]

Just the right blend of enthusiasm, humour and …
good old fashioned arm twisting!

Thanks to (Chad’s) leadership, we were able to inspire people to great levels of generosity. (He was) spot on in reading the crowd and figuring out just the right blend of enthusiasm, humour and good old fashioned arm twisting.                           By the time we got to […]